About three years ago I build myself a motorized camera slider. I didn’t have a 3D printer at that time so I used some old inkjet printer parts and LEGO :) Surprisingly it still works, but not as good as I want too. It’s quite big and doesn’t look nice. When I was making it that was a big project for me, I designed a sophisticated PCB that I made at home and instead of Arduino, I programmed an atmega with Eclipse in C. I used it in some of my videos, but traveling with it is a pain, setting it up takes some time and you need a big 12V battery.
I have a 3D printer for quite some time now and I decided it’s time to go back to camera slider and make it better :) The First idea was to use a NEMA17 stepper motor to create a motorized camera slider, but it’s too big. I thought about using a geared DC motor, but you can’t control it as precisely as I would like to. Finally, I thought that instead of making a motorized slider I can create a super simple hand powered slider that will be inexpensive and easy to replicate. And here we are! Hope this instructable will be useful for you, let’s get started!”


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