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Eleven Tested Transistor Circuits using Prefabricated Circuit Units

The recent introduction of pre-assembled transistor units on the home
constructor market has prompted me to devote this issue of the
transistor circuits manual to their application in several different
projects. The units are made by Gorier in Germany and achieve a level
of performance and compactness which is hard, if not impossible, for
the home constructor to achieve. By using them he is able to build far
more advanced and complicated pieces of equipment than would otherwise
be feasible and at the same time he is able to save himself money
because buying these units ready made is, surprisingly enough, cheaper
than building them oneself. Home constructors are not, however,
deprived of the pleasure of the construction side; they are merely
given a wider dimension in which to work and satisfactory results are
ensured with every project. The main part of this manual is devoted to
a receiver of very advanced design which covers the complete shortwave
bands from 5.9 to 13 me/s as well as the usual medium and long-wave
bands and gives a power output of one watt making it suitable for use
as a car or table radio as well as a portable. This considerable
increase in output power over that of the normal portable is coupled
with a parallel improvement in quality of reproduction because the
amplifier part of the circuit has a frequency response of 60 c/s to 16
Kc/s and is therefore suitable for use as a high quality gramophone
amplifier. The rest of the book is concerned with the many other uses
to which the individual units may be put in conjunction with auxiliary
circuitry built by the home constructor. To simplify the circuit
diagrams given in this book each of the units is described separately
at the beginning, the circuit diagram is given and a block diagram
shown which is used in the latter circuits.”

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