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DIY FM Radio Station

A small, cheap, low-powered FM Radio Transmitter to create your own Radio Station at home.

A Project For Signals & Systems course
Being enrolled in the Mechatronics Engineering program, we were assigned an open-ended project for our Signals and Systems course. We had been learning about signal manipulation and modulations.

I’ve always wanted to learn how Radios work as they play a vital role in our daily lives to this day. Despite the age of the internet, radio signals are used almost everywhere.

I used this course’s project as an opportunity to work and build our own FM transmitter and learn about it along the way.

We wanted to keep things simple so we fabricated our mini-station on a breadboard using the schematic.

We altered and tinkered around with different components like the trimmer capacitor and antenna. The type of antenna and the power source provided played a vital role in how clear the audio conceived by the receiver is.

We used a normal smartphone with an FM radio as our receiver. It facilitated us in finding the transmission frequency using its auto-seek feature.

We also later fabricated a PCB to make things look cleaner, but due to a technical fault with a component, we were unable to get it to work.

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