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Make Your Own Graphical Weather Station

Always wanted to have a graphical weather station? And with accurate sensors? Maybe this project is something for you. With this weather station you can see what the weather is “doing”. Temperatures for example might rise or fall. From a normal thermometer it is not possible to see the temperature history. With this weather station you have a history of 26 hours, displayed over 320 pixels of a TFT display. Every 5 minutes a pixel is added to the graph which will enable you to see if it is having a rising or falling trend. This is done for temperature, humidity, air pressure and CO2 in different colors. Outside temperature is also included wireless. In this way you can “predict” the weather based on what the air pressure is doing.
Normal weather stations do have sensors which are some inaccurate. For example, for temperature they normally have an accurace of +/- 2 degrees. For this weather station more accurate sensors are used. The HDC1080 temperature sensor does have an accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees which is far better. The same for humidity and air pressure.
At the top of the TFT display the measurements of the sensors are displayed and refreshed every 5 seconds. These measurements are also available via RS232.
Main features:
Graphs in different colors for recognizing trends Accurate sensors for temperature, humidity and air pressure. Factory calibration data and sensor temperature is read from sensors where possible and applied to code to get the most accurate measurements.Temperatures are available in Celsius (default) or Fahrenheit. Outside temperature via wireless module (optional)RS232 interface for remote monitoring. Nice design (even my wife tolerates it in our living room ;-)I hope you will enjoy examining the weather conditions the same as I do !”

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