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I made my own NRF24L01 module

A practical circuit of NRF24l01 that works well with any type of Arduino. Let’s build own NRF to know connection setup.

Previously, I made all in one Arduino board this has some extra features of external headers, FTDI and sensor and module mounting. It is very easy to build and a perfect development board for the new hobbyists. You can see the building instructions and components used from here. By the way, RF Arduino is also a popular board nowadays. Which comes with on board NRF24L01 module. So, need to connect external wires to it. Onboard PCB is made so that NRF24l01 is activated by giving CS and CSN signal.

But before going to start this major Project, I choose to go with dedicated NRF24L01 board clone. So that working of circuit is cleared from here. After a successful build we can go with our NRF Arduino. you can see the more features/modes of nRF IC from here.

1) NRF24L01
2) Arduino Nano/Uno
3) 22pf capacitors
4) 16mhz crystal oscillator
5) 100nF, 1.5pf, 10nf, 1pf ceramic capacitors
6) 8nh, 5nh and 3nh inductor’s”

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