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A radio controller can have a thousand applications. Usually, it’s a control of some vehicle, drone, or robotic manipulator. There are already a lot of DIY solutions on the Internet. However, this controller is different.

It’ll be the most comfortable RC Controller you’ve ever held. Because it will be perfectly suited to your unique hand

This is the second part of this project. In the first one, we built this organic-looking enclosure. We modeled clay, which we later scanned using photogrammetry and then imported into Fusion 360. It is quite a complex topic, but very interesting. If you haven’t seen it yet: How to design an enclosure using photogrammetry?

Today, I’m going to show you how to modify the solid in Fusion 360 to fit all the components inside. Then, we’re gonna design and solder everything to the PCB. And finally, we’re gonna write software for STM32, which is the brain of this controller.

Let’s get started!”

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