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This remote is actually just a wireless keyboard. You can, of course, buy these but this one is simpler. It doesn’t have over 80 buttons, just 7 and they all serve a purpose. Here are some other features that make it far better:

Fully customizable buttons
Multiple layouts - Separate layout for each app. Can be changed with a button
wireless reprogramming
1-year battery life
rechargeable battery with USB-C port
low battery indicator
simple customization app

This whole project is just a solution to a minor inconvenience of watching youtube or movies on my PC. Trying to solve this problem I’ve tried several wireless keyboards but they are always big and often the button you need is behind a function key meaning you have to remember shortcuts and be looking at the keyboard when using it. There are also some apps that will turn your phone into a remote but you always have to unlock the phone and there is no tactile feedback.

Eventually, about 2 years ago I built a custom remote to solve all of these problems. It was however put together quickly and that took a toll on the quality and once it was done I realized, it still needed some more features.

original remote:

This all led me to redo the original design as shown in the video. This remote is the result. Let me show you how you can build this yourself but keep in mind that this isn’t exactly a project for beginners.”

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