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Here’s the popular “science experiment” of a phone made from tin cans and some kite string. This time instead of sending voice from one can to the other, data will be sent using a short beep for 0 and a long beep for 1 with a longer start beep to begin the transmission. A transmitter circuit on one end takes data from UART cable to a PC and relays the data through a speaker in one can. The receiver circuit has a microphone in the can and UART cable to relay the response back to the PC.

This project was quite a bit more difficult than it looks. I’ll have to admit my strength is software, not analog circuits. I messed with this a few months back with some other materials but got frustrated and decided “life’s too short” and quit. A couple weeks ago I felt like trying one more time and finally got it working. More on that in the explanation below along with a video, pictures, schematic, and source code.”

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