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IoT based health monitoring system

IoTbased patient health monitoring system using Arduino and generic ESP8266. The proposed project can collect and send patient’s health data.

IoT based patient health monitoring system is a generic term given to any medical equipment that has internet capability and can measure one or more health data of a patient who is connected to the device such as heartbeat, body temperature, blood pressure, ECG, steps etc. The equipment can record, transmit and alert if there is any abrupt change in the patient’s health.

By this definition, it includes devices such as smart-watches, fitness trackers, smart-phones to expensive hospital equipment which can connect to internet.

IoT based health monitoring system is used where the patient and heath expert(s) are at different locations. For example, a patient can stay at home and continue his/her routine life and a doctor can monitor patient’s heath. Based on the received data the heath expert can prescribe a best treatment or take an immediate action in case of an emergency.”

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