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This is an easy-to-build open-source Arduino compatible board that enables driving 8 RC servos over NRF24L01 RF Link. The project can be used as a standalone RC servo driver or 8 channel RF remote-controlled RC servo Receiver. An optional OLED display option can be used to develop RC signal monitor. The tiny module contains an ATmega328 microcontroller, connectors for 8 x Servo interface, DC supply connector, bulk electrolytic capacitor C5 on DC supply to provide jitter-free smooth movement of RC servos. Operating Supply 5V DC.

This board is compatible with our Dual Joystick RF Remote Transmitter with NRF24L01 RF module or Single Joystick Remote Control Transmitter using NRF24L01 as the transmitter. The user will be able to drive 4 RC servos or 2 RC servos with these transmitters respectively.”

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