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230V AC Input – 12V Output DC Converter, Non-Isolated Buck Converter V

8 Channel RC Servo Driver Over RF Link using NRF24L01 RF Module – Arduino Compatible V

Analog Devices Completes Acquisition of Maxim Integrated

ANU scientists set new record with bifacial solar cells

Arduino Drum Lessons V

Arduino Snake Game with 32x16 LED Panel V

BASE demonstrates two-trap cooling

Battery Life Cycle Predictor Powered by Edge Impulse V

Bootloader PIC18F2550

Breakthrough in sizing nanoparticles using fluid-filled tubes

Butterfly wings, breathing viruses, and breakthrough devices

CAMERA Mathematicians Build an Algorithm to ‘Do the Twist’

Comet ATLAS May Have Been a Blast from the Past

DC Motor Speed, Direction and Brake Control with NRF24L01 RF Module – Arduino Compatible V

Drop the zeros for a performance boost

Dual Joystick RF Remote Transmitter with NRF24L01 RF module – 2 Joystick Control V

Esperanto Technologies Unveils Energy-Efficient RISC-V-Based Machine Learning Accelerator Chip At Hot Chips 33 Conference

Green Hydrogen: Focus on the Catalyst Surface

Happy birthday, Linux: From a bedroom project to billions of devices in 30 years

Harnessing the particle-tracking power of the algorithm

High-rate Magnesium Rechargeable Batteries Move One Step Closer to Realization

How to unloop a sticky loop V

IBM Unveils On-Chip Accelerated Artificial Intelligence Processor V

Intel and Submer Advance Data Center Cooling Tech

ITMO Researchers Introduce New Method for Magnetization Switching

Keeping it random V

Lattice Certus-NX FPGAs Optimized for Automotive Applications

Layered Graphene with a Twist Displays Unique Quantum Confinement in 2-D

Learning MongoDB

LED Material Shines Under Strain

Leukemia Detection with NVIDIA Jetson Nano V

LiftPose3D: Turning 2D images into 3D models

Logan, Australia: The Drone Delivery Capital of the World V

Make Your Own Curie Pendulum (Heat Engine) V

mRNA vaccine badge V

MutantC V4 - Easy to Build, Modular Handheld PC V

New class of habitable exoplanets are ‘a big step forward’ in the search for life

New quantum ‘stopwatch’ can improve imaging technologies

New sensor can detect valuable rare earth element in non-traditional sources

New Shepard Successfully Completes Mission with Commercial and NASA-Supported Payloads on Board

New Study Unveils Thermoelectric Ink that Turns Car Exhaust Pipes into Power Generators

NVIDIA Turbocharges Extreme-Scale AI for Argonne National Laboratory’s Polaris Supercomputer

One material with two functions could lead to faster memory

One scientist’s trash is another’s treasure: A laboratory’s “irritating” byproduct now supplies 2-D materials research

OneWeb Confirms Another Successful Launch, Accelerating Business Momentum

P-CNC Laser Engraver and Pen Plotter V

Physicists find room-temperature, 2D-to-1D topological transition

Playing with proteins

Raspberry Pi Temperature and CO2 Monitor

RaspberryPi Pico Web Server w W5100S(W5500) - NeoPixel LED

Record-breaking Lithium-metal Cell

Renesas and Dialog Semiconductor Announce Conclusion of Final Regulatory Review and the Expected Closing Date for Renesas’ Proposed Acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor

Researchers invent world’s smallest biomechanical linkage

RGB LED Etch-A-Sketch

Roamer, the Self Charging Companion Robot V

Samsung Brings In-Memory Processing Power to Wider Range of Applications

Scientists report breakthrough in actinide metal-metal bonding

Scientists reveal how landmark CFC ban gave planet fighting chance against global warming

Single Joystick Remote Control Transmitter using NRF24L01 – Arduino Compatible V

Smart Indoor Harvesting Using Wio Terminal & Blynk

Solar gains stack up

Solar Tracker 35W with DC Motors V

Stanford researchers make rechargeable batteries that store six times more charge

STMicroelectronics Collaborates with Xilinx to Power Radiation-Hardened FPGAs using ST Space-Qualified Regulators

Strider Camera Robot V

The MagPi 109

These robots can move your couch

This Technology Could Bring the Fastest Version of 5G to Your Home and Workplace

Universal Logic Probe V

USTC Improves Anyonic Photonic Quantum Simulation

XpandShield MK1

3D Printed Racing Quadcopter

A new liquid crystal ink for 3D printing

A peculiar state of matter in layers of semiconductors

A Robotic Fish Tail and an Elegant Math Ratio Could Inform the Design of Next-Generation Underwater Drones

AmebaD and Arduino humidity monitor for house plants V

Anti-Sleep Glasses V

Anti-Theft Tool Using Raspberry Pi Pico

Apricot subsea cable will boost internet capacity, speeds in the Asia-Pacific region

Arduino based Sun Tracking Solar Panel V

Arduino Telephone Caller ID Unit V

Battery Soldering Iron V

Black hole size revealed by its eating pattern

CERN to provide second DUNE cryostat

China aims to use space-based solar energy station to harvest sun’s rays to help meet power needs

Common Solar Tech Can Power Smart Devices Indoors, NIST Study Finds

Cracking a Mystery of Massive Black Holes and Quasars with Supercomputer Simulations V

Debian 11 bullseye released

Designing better batteries for electric vehicles

DIY Dual Channel Variable Lab Bench Power Supply 30V 10A 300W V

DIY SMU: Source Measure Unit V

DIY Solar Charge Controller

DIY Variable Isolation Transformer

DTU researchers tighten grip on quantum computer

Earth’s core may contain up to 95% of planet’s carbon

Electron–electron and spin–orbit interactions compete to control the electron

ESP8266 Weather Widget V2.0 V

Fusion Progress Validates A 40-Year Quest

Game Card V

Groundbreaking visualization of atomic movements

HackSpace magazine #46

High-speed camera captures a water jet’s splashy impact as it pierces a droplet

Home-Grown Semiconductors For Faster, Smaller Electronics

How to Build a Pico Macro Pad

How to Make DIY Smartphones Controlled Self Balancing Robot V

Inflatable robotic hand gives amputees real-time tactile control V

Intel Advances Architecture for Data Center, HPC-AI and Client Computing

Internet Weather Station V

IOT Capstone Project

ITMO Students Develop New Manipulator Arm That Can Be Applied Everywhere: From Catering to Chemistry Labs

Learning Go

Low-cost seismograph using optical mouse V

Magnets could offer better control of prosthetic limbs V

Make a LED Matrix Box With Multiple Effects V

Minding the gaps to boost perovskite performance V

‘Missing jigsaw piece’: engineers make critical advance in quantum computer design V

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Explores a Changing Landscape V

New Algorithm Can Help Improve Cellular Materials Design V

New Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) Provides Wider Operating Temperatures, Faster Warm-up and Improved Frequency Stability in Extreme Environments

New clean energy tech extracts twice the power from ocean waves

New tool for finding green solvents for printed electronics

Pet on a Chip V

Polymer enables tougher recyclable thermoplastics

Rambus Advances AI/ML Performance with 8.4 Gbps HBM3-Ready Memory Subsystem

Raspberry Pi Zero W Smart Glasses V

Record-breaking lithium metal battery

Reflow PCB Hotplate V

Remote Controlled LEDs with IR Receiver and Arduino V

Researchers demonstrate new semiconductor device possibilities using black phosphorus

Researchers Develop Turing Membrane to Improve Performance of Zinc-based Batteries

Researchers from IRSOL and IAC solve twenty-year-old paradox in solar physics

Reverse-engineering a vintage power supply chip from die photos

Scientists Discover Crystal Exhibiting Exotic Spiral Magnetism

Smart laser cutter system detects different materials V

Super­solid in a new dimen­sion

The Monkey Island (TM) PC-Speaker music player V

The University of Applied Sciences of Graubünden knows Pi best - world record!

This Exotic Particle Had an Out-of-Body Experience; These Scientists Took a Picture of It

To Reduce Vehicle Pollution, a Single Atom Can Do the Work of Several

Trinamic’s 3-Phase MOSFET Gate Driver Maximizes Battery Life and Cuts Component Count by Half

Two Dice Roll Demonstration for Physics and Probability V

Wearable technology research at Stanford

An Exciting New Material

Audio Amplifier Using TDA2030A

Building Blocks: New Evidence-Based System Predicts Element Combination Forming High Entropy Alloy

China’s Mars rover travels over 800 meters on red planet

Chinese scientists develop glass as hard as a diamond

‘Cleaner’ catalytic converter to be developed in partnership with industry

Control LEDs ON/OFF With 433MHz RF Remote and Arduino V

‘Cool’ kids in the cosmos may not be so unique

Daily Running Tracker

Development board for Brushless Motor, DC Brushed Motor, AC Motors (Pre-Driver) V

Digital Clock using Arduino Nano

Forget wearables: Future washable smart clothes powered by Wi-Fi will monitor your health V

Germanium-lead perovskite LEDs: a new way to reduced toxicity

Graphene binds drugs which kill bacteria on implants


How chemical reactions compute V

Indian rocket suffers catastrophic failure during launch, Earth-watching satellite lost V

Invisible barrier breakthrough a boon for electronics, artwork and more

IoTRoboticARM V

ITTT - Attention Wanting Robot - Mike Veldkamp 1D V

JEDEC Publishes New and Updated Standards for Low Power Memory Devices Used in 5G and AI Applications

Long term dust monitoring system

Magnetic patterns hidden in meteorites reveal early Solar System dynamics

Mecanum Wheel… Omni Direction Wifi RC Car V

MediaTek Announces Dimensity 920 and Dimensity 810 Chips for 5G Smartphones

Metamaterials research challenges fundamental limits in photonics

Mid-Range FPGAs Reach the Next Power and Performance Milestone for Edge Compute Systems

NASA Spacecraft Provides Insight into Asteroid Bennu’s Future Orbit

NASA’s Perseverance Team Assessing First Mars Sampling Attempt

New I2C Serial EEPROM Introduces 3.4MHz High-Speed Mode Operation, Software Write-Protection and Factory Programmed Serial Numbers

New Manufacturing Process Could Be Passport To Flexible Next-Gen Electronics V

New solvents to break down plant cellulose for bioethanol

New technology will allow important metals to be made more efficiently

Patterning Silicon at the One Nanometer Scale

Pico Solar System

Polymer Coating Accelerates Fuel Production

Qubits Under Pressure


Researchers develop real-time lyric generation technology to inspire song writing V

Revolutionizing augmented reality with Infineon’s new MEMS scanner for eyeglasses and head-up displays

Room Temperature Monitoring

Samsung Introduces the Industry’s First 5nm Processor Powering the Next Generation of Wearables

Scientists Design a Robotic Chameleon That Crawls and Changes Color V

Space station supplies launched with a pizza delivery for 7

SpaceX is buying satellite data start-up Swarm, in a rare acquisition by Elon Musk’s space company

SpaceX stacks Starship atop massive booster for 1st time to make the world’s tallest rocket V

Swimming robot gives fresh insight into locomotion and neuroscience V

System trains drones to fly around obstacles at high speeds V

The movement of small water droplets is controlled by means of a magnet

The Perseids in 2021

The Ultimate Logic Probe

T.O.F. Wristband V2 V

UNF physics researchers discover new electronic phenomenon

Using aluminum and water to make clean hydrogen fuel — when and where it’s needed

ZX80 Revisited With ESP8266 Program Loader

3D Printed Radio Controlled Utility Boat

A Few Steps Closer to Europa: Spacecraft Hardware Makes Headway

A promising breakthrough: Nanocrystals made of amalgam

All in one clock

Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense Game Controller V

Arduino Ultrasonic Navigator for the Blind V

Australian mathematician reveals worlds’s oldest example of applied geometry

Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Meter V

Brain-Inspired Highly Scalable Neuromorphic Hardware Presented​

Buck Regulator Hookup Guide V

Charging Board for Lithium-Ion Battery With Step-up to 5 Volts

Decades of research brings quantum dots to brink of widespread use

Digital Contour Gauge

DIY Arduino Corner lamps V

DIY Sensitive Arduino IB Metal Detector with Discrimination V

First Aerospace-qualified Baseless Power Module Family Improves Aircraft Electrical System Efficiency

Floating Hexagon - Magnetic Tensegrity - 3D Printed V

Getting smart about off-grid desalination

How cola still tingles after a year

How to make inductance meter using Arduino

How to Make Pocket RGB Light | Arduino & WS2812B V

How to Make Powerfull Laser Engraver V

Inductance Meter V

Intel Announces New Xeon W-3300 Processors

Introduction to Using AXI DMA in Embedded Linux

LLNL optimizes flow-through electrodes for electrochemical reactors with 3D printing

Lunar samples solve mystery of the moon’s supposed magnetic shield

Machine learning model may perfect 3D nanoprinting

Marker Beacon System with IR Sensors, Buzzer and LED

Micro Fighter BOT With Bluetooth V

Mixing A Cocktail Of Topology And Magnetism For Future Electronics

New AMD Radeon PRO W6000X Series GPUs Bring Groundbreaking High-Performance AMD RDNA 2 Architecture to Mac Pro

New Approach to Information Transfer Reaches Quantum Speed Limit

New Highly Integrated Renesas PMIC Optimized For RZ/G2L And V2L MPUs Delivers Complete Power Solution To Reduce Design Time

New material offers ecofriendly solution to converting waste heat into energy

New research infuses equity principles into the algorithm development process

New viable means of storing information for quantum technologies?

NIST’s Quantum Crystal Could Be a New Dark Matter Sensor


Password Vault

Poti PWM Control

Pulse oximeter using Arduino

Q-CTRL unveils machine learning technique to pinpoint quantum errors

Ready for Prime Time: Plus to Deliver Autonomous Truck Systems Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE to Amazon

Researchers kick-start magnetic spin waves at nanoscale in pursuit of low energy computing

Rice team creating insulin-producing implant for Type 1 diabetes

Robot Dog Makes Infrastructure Maintenance a Walk in the Park

Running quantum software on a classical computer

Scientists Release New AI-based Tools to Accelerate Functional Electronic Materials Discovery

SonicSurface: Phased-array for Levitation, Mid-air Tactile Feedback and Target Directional Speakers V

Sound to Colour Light Effects – Arduino Compatible V

STMicroelectronics’ STM32U5 General-Purpose Microcontrollers Achieve PSA Certified Level-3 and SESIP3 Security Certifications

Successful launch of EUTELSAT QUANTUM, the first full software-defined satellite V

Tetra Aviation debuts single-seat buy ‘n’ fly personal eVTOL V

The YouTube Box V

This Robot Uses Tactile Sign Language To Help Deaf-Blind People Communicate Independently

This touchy-feely glove senses and maps tactile stimuli

Three-Phase RMS Ammeter with Current Transformers

Tinkering with Linear Motion: How to build a MicroMod Rail Car

Towards next-gen computers: Mimicking brain functions with graphene-diamond junctions

What if Highways Were Electric? Germany Is Testing the Idea

When vibrations increase on cooling: Anti-freezing observed

Wi-Fi Controlled Stepper Motor With an ESP Microcontroller V

WiFi Controlled Bot V

X-59 Resembles Actual Aircraft V