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Welcome to this “If This Than That” project.
For the final result of this project I made a small little wooden robot. The robot has different facial emotions depending on what’s happening, if he is awake and you press the button on his head he becomes happy. If you don’t stand infront of the sensor or give him attention he will become sad, and eventually even mad!
In this Instructable I will talk about why I decided for this to be my end design / project and the steps I took to make this.


- Arduino Uno R3
- Ultrasonic Sensor
- 2x Micro Servomotor
- LCD Display
- 2x Button
- Wooden planks (For body and arms)
- Wood glue
- Bolts


- Hot glue gun
- Screwdriver
- Drill
- Solderer


- PC / Laptop
- Arduino Program (For code)”

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