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Tired of measuring distances with rulers, meters and other boring stuff? Here the solution that cool Heroes use!
A really cool gadget that you can wear like a glove of Iron Man, easy to develop, quite functional and ridiculously easy to use. Adjustable speed of reading, comfortable and durable. I’ve seen a lot of these devices, but not like this one. The structure hold the hardware and is completely 3d printed and I used some Arduino components and Programming. In addition to this, is quite simple to upgrade the model with LEDs and a buzzer to give other indicators to the users, I really recommend this project for education as it’s so simple to develop.
I hope you like it!

1 x Arduino
1 x Ultrasonic sensor
1 x Potentiometer 10k
1 x Breadboard Mini
1 x 220 Resistor
1 x LCD 1602 Module
14 x Jumper Wires
4 x Female-to-Male Wire
1 x 9V Battery
1 x Snap on connector clip
35 cm Velcro tape
10 cm Spiral cable organizer
1 x Screw driver Phillips (x)
1 x Screw driver slotted (-)
8 x Self tapping bolts M2 x 6 mm
2 x Self tapping bolts M3 x 12 mm
1 x Super glue adhesive”

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