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A relative asked me one time if i could create a switch that reacts to clapping your hands. So i’ve orderd some stuff to create a project and decided to make a instructable so everyone could have a awesome switch like that.
The microcontroller is the brain of this project. A sound sensor is connected to the microcontroller, the sensor is sending analog data when sound is detected. The microcontroller is programmed to detect large differences in sound. When a high enough difference is detected, meaning a clap, the microcontroller sends a signal to the relay. The relay switches and the light turns on. When clapping a second time, the light will turn off again.

Physical stuff:

1x ATmega328P Xplained Mini with cable for programming
1x 5v relay module 1-channel (KY-019 or similar)
1x Sound sensor module (KY-038 or similar)
1x Breadboard
6x Male-Male jumper wire
1x light socket with cord (or any other device you want to turn on)
1x lightbulb
1x resistor (I use 220 Ohm)_
_1x LED

Software (download):

AtmelStudio 7.0(
Putty (
For testing purposes”

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