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How to Make Clap ON/OFF Switch || Without Any IC

This Is A Clap ON Of Switch Without Any IC. You Can Clap First Time Then The Light Bulb ON And Clap Second Time The Light Bulb OFF. This Circuit Based On SR Flip-flop.

1. BC547 NPN Transistors (4pcs)
2. 10k Resistors (5pcs)
3. 1K Resistors (2pcs)
4. 150K Resistors (4pcs)
5. Electric Condenser Microphone
6. 0.1uf Capacitor (2pcs)
7. 1uf Capacitor (2pcs)
8. 12V Relay
9. PN Diodes
D1, D2 IN4148
D3 IN4007
10. 9-12V Battery”

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