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You probably know those games where the player memorizes a sequence of colors and sounds and has to play them back, right?

The Memento Game adds prizes for extra fun! Once a player hits a predetermined score, they win the game and the box opens, revealing the prize.

I had a few requirements: the box needed to be sturdy, capable of being manhandled by a small child; the compartment had to be big enough to hold small gifts; and I wanted some way of changing the difficulty level, without allowing the players to do it themselves.

Here’s a video of the whole process, wherein I learn how to use Tinkercad, design the box and circuit, and then proceed to the actual build. The video skips a couple of parts and is mostly sped up 150x but don’t worry, because all the actual instructions are in the next steps. Also, for improved readability, all the files, plans, code, etc. are posted in the last step.”

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