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”glowing air-bubble clock” displays the time and some graphics by illuminated air-bubbles in liquid. Unlike led matrix display, slooowly drifting, glowing air-bubbles give me something to relax.
In early 90s, I imagined “bubble display. Unfortunately, the idea was not realized at that time due to my limited skill and time, and similar idea products made by others until now. Now, the right time has come to me to realize my glowing air-bubble clock. Starting with some basic and preliminary tests, glowing air-bubble clock has displayed the time on my desk, at last.

I want to make “glowing air-bubble clock” as minimal as possible using common parts. Some solenoid valves were tested and cheapest also smallest one bought from AliExpress was selected. Based on such preliminary test results, basic dimension is designed that font: 8 bits widht, display area: roughly 200mm height x 90mm width.

I bought the proper-size transparent-glass vase, and designed acrylic parts based on the vase and other air handling parts.

1. air handling parts ( purchased parts information at the time I bought, just for reference)

solenoid valve: 8pcs
(AliExpress, 1.79USD/pc, named “DC 5V 6V Electric Mini Micro Solenoid Valve Air Gas Release Exhaust Discouraged 2 Position 3 Way For Gas Air Pump”)
air branch pipe; eight outlets with valves
(, 1556JPY, named “Uxcell Aquarium Air Tube Bifurcation Elbow/8 One-Way Exit Lever Pump”)
air pump
Select a proper air pump at your own responsibility. Close all valves for a long time that may cause overheat of the air pump.
tubing; ID6-OD8mm, ID4-OD7mm, ID3-OD6mm
tube joint; L-shaped , I-shaped
acrylic board; transparent; thickness 2mm and 3mm
acrylic board; black; thickness 2mm
2. circuit board parts

OLED display; 0.91” 128x32
I/O expander IC; MC23017
LED strips; NeoPixel: 8pcs
FET; 2SK2412: 8pcs
Diode; IN4002: 8pcs
AC adapter; 6V-1.8A
misc. parts
3. misc.

glass vase; OD120mm Height260mm
glycerin; purity 99%, 2.5L
box casing
4. tools & etc

laser cutter to cut acrylic boards
misc. tools to assemble electric circuit board
accessible WiFi”

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