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MyQlockTwo : RGB and WiFi QlockTwo project

Last November, I went to an art gallery and came across a pretty design clock that would have found its place in my living room. After seeing its price, I felt of passing out! When I came back to myself, I decided to build it myself (in better). I wish to present you a small project that has occupied me lately: The reproduction of a design clock. This clock is a square about 39cm, which can be placed on furniture or hung on a wall. The facade consists of cleverly arranged letters that will give the time. The principle is simple. The clock is composed of a matrix of characters that will illuminate to write the time it is. For example “it is eight to ten minutes” or “it is midnight and a half”. The time is thus given in 5-minute increments. Four luminous points at each corner of the clock will successively light up to give the hour to the minute in that slice.”

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