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“Glowing Air-Bubble Clock in Water” displays the time and some graphics by illuminated air-bubbles in water.

- font: 8 bits width
- display area: roughly 200mm height x 90mm width.
- The viscosity of water is low and the bubbles rise too fast. Therefore, air is blown into the pipes, and the air-bubbles rise slowly enough to read the information displayed by the air-bubble group as they rise through the pipes.

This “Glowing Air-Bubble Clock in Water” is the first version of my air-bubble clock. Basic idea is confirmed with this first model, and its basic specfications and technical items have been carried over to successor model version 2. It is also uploaded on “Glowing Air-Bubble Clock; Powered by ESP8266”. The biggest difference is that the liquid is changed from water to glycerin to improve the quality as a display device by air-bubbles. No need for pipes to control air-bubble rising speed due to high viscosity.

This version1 may be inferior to version2 in display quality, but the unique movement of the bubbles in this version 1 is fascinating to me. So, I want to introduce it back to this version1.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me in the comments section what you like best about either this version 1 (water) or version2 (glycelin).

1. Air handling parts ( purchased parts information at the time I bought, just for reference)

solenoid valve: 8pcs
(AliExpress, 1.79USD/pc, named “DC 5V 6V Electric Mini Micro Solenoid Valve Air Gas Release Exhaust Discouraged 2 Position 3 Way For Gas Air Pump”)
on the second photo shown above, its no-use outlet (open when power OFF) for this usage is sealed with a tube and a cable tie.
normal-close 2-way solenoid valve (only outlet which open when power ON) is better for this usage, because there is no outlet that must be sealed.
air branch pipe; eight outlets with valves
(, 1556JPY, named “Uxcell Aquarium Air Tube Bifurcation Elbow/8 One-Way Exit Lever Pump”)
air pump:
Select a proper air pump at your own responsibility. Close all valves for a long time that may cause overheat of the air pump.
transparent acrylic pipe; ID7.0mm-OD10.0mm, length 220mm 8pcs
tubing; ID6-OD8mm, ID4-OD7mm, ID3-OD6mm
tube joint; L-shaped , I-shaped
acrylic board; transparent; thickness 2mm
acrylic board; black; thickness 2mm
2. Circuit board parts

OLED display; 0.91” 128x32
I/O expander IC; MC23017
LED strips; NeoPixel: 8pcs
( replaced blue LED with NeoPixel after the Youtube uploaded version)
FET; 2SK2412: 8pcs
Diode; IN4002: 8pcs
AC adapter; 6V-1.8A
misc. parts
3. Misc.

glass vase; transparent glass ; OD102mm - ID 96mm - Height250mm - Depth 240mm
water; 2L
box casing
(glass vase is just placed on this box casing)
4. Tools & etc

laser cutter to cut acrylic boards
misc. tools to assemble electric circuit board
accessible WiFi”

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