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ESP32 Home Automation

Automating your house with the esp32 microcontroller to make a wireless light switch / alarm clock.

in this project we’ll see the steps needed to make a d.i.y home automation system:

wirelss light switch, with alarm clock around the ESP32 microcontroller

the wiring job is not hard, just follow the above wiring diagram.

The code:

The code consists of two parts, the HTML code for the web page, which will be embedded later in the Arduino code, and the Arduino code itself that displays / gets feedback from the page and the RTC module for the alarm clock, it’s all explained with comments in the Arduino file above, so it shouldn’t be hard to understand if you have experience with Arduino.

At the end, your project should look a little something like the above image, you can choose any project box to contain it, just be careful when handeling the live 220v wires, it’ll be best if you leave it to a professionel because every wiring job will be different depending on the house wiring itself, so you’ll need to figure that out yourself.”

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