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In this Internet of Things project, I have shown how to make the IoT-based water pump controller using ESP32 Blynk & float sensor switches.

This water level monitoring system will also check the water level in both the overhead tank and underground water tank and accordingly control the water pump automatically in AUTO mode.

This Water Level Controller has the following features:

- Monitor the Water Level in both the overhead tank and underground tank on the Blynk IoT app.
- Change Mode and control Pump from Blynk IoT App.
- If WiFi is not connected monitor the water level with indicator LEDs.
- The pump will automatically turn OFF, for the LOW water level in the underground tank.
- You can also turn on the buzzer alert.
- Used 30A relay, so you can control up to 2HP pump.
- In AUTO mode, it will automatically control the pump to maintain the water level.
During the article, I have shown all the steps to make this IoT-based water pump controller.”

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