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ESP32 Blynk FreeRTOS

Project Smart home using ESP32 and blynk cloud.

What is RTOS
A real-time operating system (RTOS) is an operating system (OS) for real-time applications that processes data and events that have critically defined time constraints. An RTOS is distinct from a time sharing operating system, such as Unix, which manages the sharing of system resources with a scheduler, data buffers, or fixed task prioritization in a multitasking or multiprogramming environment. Processing time requirements need to be fully understood and bound rather than just kept as a minimum. All processing must occur within the defined constraints. Real-time operating systems are event-driven and preemptive, meaning the OS is capable of monitoring the relevant priority of completing tasks, and make changes to the task priority. Event-driven systems switch between tasks based on their priorities, while time-sharing systems switch the task based on clock interrupts.

ESP32 RTOS Guide


- Have the following Tasks: Blynk Task, Sensor Task, Controlling Task and Blynk Callback
- Reduce complexity
- Manage Resource for all Tasks
- Easy to debug and verify
- Code reuse

How to use FreeRTOS
FreeRTOS is included with the Arduino IDE and requires only the ESP32 board to be installed.”

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