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Micro Gear Motor based small robot powered by a Wemos D32 Pro and controlled by Blynk app.

So this is my microbot V1 which is an ESP32 based robot which is powered by a Wemos d32 pro and controlled by Blynk.

Its body is a 3D printed square surface that has mounting holes for the same size PCB which is mounted with this setup with screws in the sandwich config to hold the battery in middle.

The battery is 12V 2.6A li-ion and the Motors that I’ve used are small Micro Gear DC Motor

I prepared this robot with a custom PCB which is basically a breakout board for Wemos D32 pro and l293d motor driver IC.

Motors are powered by a 12V battery but the esp32 board that I’m using doesn’t have a buck converter circuit onboard so I added an AMS1117 setup on it for stepping down the 12V to 3.3V for the MCU.

Materials Required

these are the things that I’ve used in this project.

Custom PCB (provided by JLCPCB)
Wemos D32 Pro
Cap 20uf 1206
cap 2uf 1206
dual Connector
Female Header pins
LEDs 0603
2Ohms 0805
Gear DC Motors
Wheels for Micro Gear Motor
Caster wheels
Li-ion battery with a BMS

and these 3D printed parts-

Motor Holding bushes
Mounting Pillars

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