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DIY Multi-Purpose Robot Base and Motor Shield

Hello everyone, recently I started working on some robotics related projects using Arduino. But I didn’t have a proper base to work on, the end result didn’t look great and only thing I could see is all my components entangled in wires. Trouble shooting any error used to take like forever and wiring things again and again was sometimes frustrating. So I decided to make a multipurpose robot along with a motor driver on which I could attach my other components easily without creating any mess and assemble and dismantle it easily for any modifications.
If you are a beginner and want to get started with robotics or even when you are planning to prototype a bigger robot project first on a small scale, a prototyping base always comes in handy.
This instructable covers the entire process of preparing your acrylic base, adding motors and wheels and also to make a DIY motor shield by fabricating a double sided PCB at home. At the end there will be a basic project to check whether everything is done correctly and give a rough idea about what you can do with your robot. After the build, you can then try some of the very basic robots such as these:
Simple Remote controlled robot (wired)
Line following robot
Obstacle avoiding robot
Bluetooth Controlled robot
Wireless remote controlled robot (using RF transmitter and receiver / IR remote)

The PCB layout and the chassis is my original design, please ask for permission if anyone is willing to modify and republish it.”

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