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Everyone likes a good infinity cube, but they look like they would be hard to make. My goal for this Instructable is to show you step-by-step how to make one. Not only that, but with the instructions that I’m giving you, you’ll be able to make one of any practical size without doing complicated math or calculations. I’m also doing this without a 3D printer, and I’m not doing any kind of programming.

If you would like to see a video version of this Instructable, you can see that here:


- Scissors
- Precision Tweezers
- Soldering Iron
- Hot Glue Gun
- LED Alignment Jig
- Wire Cutters
- Straight Edge Ruler
- Sharpie
- Square
- Jig Saw
- Jig Saw Plexiglass Blade
- Utility Knife
- Dremel
- Bit #EZ406-02 (Metal Cutting Disk)
- Bit #115 (Carving Cylinder)
- Small File
- Drill
- Drill Bit 1/16”
- Drill Bit 1/4”
- Drill Step Bit
- Custom Screwdriver


- Addressable SK6812 LEDs, RGB+W, Natural White
- Addressable SK6812 LEDs, RGB+W, Warm White
- Addressable SK6812 LEDs, RGB+W, Cool White
- Wooden Skewer
- LED Wire Connectors
- Addressable RGB LED Controller #1
- Addressable RGB LED Controller #2
- 5v Power Supply
- Plexiglass, 3/16” Thick (minimum 8” x 11”)
- One Way Mirror Window Tint, Silver
- 1/2”x1/2” aluminum angle
- Box Corners


- Solder
- Solder Flux
- 22 Gauge Wire
- Painters Tape
- Aluminum Foil Tape
- Hot Glue Sticks
- Mirror Film Spray
- Gorilla Epoxy”

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