There’s something so captivating about infinity mirrors. Maybe they just look cool or maybe they just remind me of being a kid and looking down the shelves in the produce aisle. Either way, dad and I really enjoyed making this lamp. As I am sure you’re all aware of, infinity mirrors are nothing new, however, we believe that there are plenty of little twists on this old-time favorite to make it one of a kind!

Probably the hardest part of this build, making the sides to your infinity cage will require some practice with getting the angles right. For the tops and bottoms of your sides, you’ll need to cut them at 16 degrees from 90. These will also need to be offset so that when your piece is standing upright, the top will still be level.

Once you have all 6 side’s tops and bottoms cut these angles, then you will have to decide how steep of an angle to put on the long edge of the boards. We chose to have our blade angles 28 degrees from 90 and our Miter angle to be 11 degrees from 90. This is why it would be better to practice on some lower quality boards before you cut your main pieces. These angles can be tricky, so just make sure you practice before you start.”


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