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Most of the infinity mirrors that I’ve seen are one sided, but I wanted to build one a little bit different. This one is going to be 2 sided and designed so that it can be displayed on a desktop or a shelf. It’s an easy, very cool project to make! To me it kind of looks like it could be a Stargate.
If you would like to see a video version of this instructable, you can view it here:
Tools Needed:
Jig SawJig Saw BladeDrill1/4” Brad Point Drill Bit3/16” Drill BitRafter SquareWood GlueWood FileSoldering IronSolderParts Needed:
1/2” x 3/4” BoardWood for the BaseLED StripBarrel Plug12 VDC Power SupplyPlexiglassWindow Tint, Mirror Silver 5% (very dark)1/4” - 20 1” Long Bolts1/4” - 20 Nylon Lock Nuts”

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