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The assignment for this class was simple yet complicated: Make something interactive with an Arduino. It had to be designed well, technically challenging enough and original for as far as original ideas go these days on sites like Instructables. From the start, I was interested in LEDs. My project would have to incorporate something with LEDs, so the first thing I thought of were these LED visualizers which use music as a source to indicate the loudness per frequency for instance. I quickly realized that the time we had to finish this project was pretty short and I wanted to make a visualizer that would have each led respond individually to the music. That would take way too long so I decided to do something else. Instead of having something functional, I really liked the idea of something aesthetically pleasing. Something with LEDs you could stare at for ages… An infinity mirror.The infinity mirror has always been a kicker and to make the LEDs inside do something when you push a certain button would definitely be within the scope of this project. Instead of making a standard one I made a slightly different design (which has been done before of course) which has a square in the middle of the mirror as well that has an LED strip around it so it looks like a huge endless tower is rising up from nothing.
Inspired by the glass and chic look of the infinity mirror I wanted to have an input which was as satisfying as the rest. There I came up with capacitive buttons which need no pressure (and no actual contact if you change the sensitivity of your sensor) to be activated and thus creates an even more magical feeling.
Enough talking, let’s get building!
ps. you can make this project any size you like, just keep in mind, the more LEDs you use, the more power it needs ;)”

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