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Infinity Mirror Coffee Table

I’ll start by saying that I recently sold this table and don’t have access to it anymore. I’ve gotten a bunch of messages from people wanting to buy either another table or buy a guide on it. I decided to write up a guide with some of the knowledge from the previous table I built. That said, I don’t have pictures for every single step nor do I have measurements. There is a lot of leeway with how much you’re willing to pay for each piece of this design.
My table had a wireless charger built into the side of it. This didn’t end up charging as fast I would like since it had to go through wood, albeit a very very very thin piece of it. I will include that part at the end, but its worth noting if you want that addition to check the end of the article before continuing to know what steps you’ll need to take for other parts of this. I got a lot of inspiration for this guide from this youtube video, but had to change a lot as well to adjust some of the shortcomings I saw as well as to adjust for the wireless QI charger. I HIGHLY recommend watching it to get a better visual.”

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