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25 years and counting

An Arduino-controlled turntable for 3D scanning

Current Meter, Network Frequency and Non-invasive Power

Designing Nanocrystals for more efficient Optoelectronics

For UW physicists, the 2-D form of tungsten ditelluride is full of surprises

Liquid battery could lead to flexible energy storage

Machine Learning Technique Reconstructs Images Passing through a Multimode Fiber

Neon LED Signs

On-demand polymers may yield designer materials

Optical Pressure Detector Could Improve Robot Skin, Wearable Devices and Touch Screens

Patented a new type of electrochemical cell

Quantum material is promising ‘ion conductor’ for research, new technologies

Researchers put a new spin on cooling electronic hotspots

Scientists ‘Squeeze’ Nanocrystals in a Liquid Droplet Into a Solid-Like State - and Back Again

Simple Arduino Chess Clock

Six Things About Opportunity’s Recovery Efforts

Skoltech and MIT develop simple hydrogel modification method, paving the way to highly stretchable and transparent electronics

Smallest transistor worldwide switches current with a single atom in solid electrolyte

Smart Home Electrical Distribution for Floods

#1 Avoiding Obstacle Robot

3D Inks that Can Be Erased Selectively

A Back to the Future Clock

Arduino 5X3 LED Matrix to Run Alphabets

Arduino Spider Robot

Auto-switching Bluetooth Amplifier

Bitcoin Powered Electrical Outlet

‘Building up’ Stretchable Electronics to be as Multipurpose as Your Smartphone

Communication between two Arduinos using NRF24L01

DIY Arduino Nano !

DIY Arduino PWM5 Solar Charge Controller (PCB Files and Software Included)

DIY Mini Oscilloscope


DIY Universal CNC Machine

Edison Lamp Dimmer 230V Arduino IRDA Remote Control

For ever more efficient optical fibres

Inside the die of Intel’s 8087 coprocessor chip, root of modern floating point

Long-sought carbon structure joins graphene, fullerene family

Mbed OS 5.9.5 released

Meet the guy with four arms, two of which someone else controls in VR

Micro:bit: Displaying Values Like an Abacus

MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery

Molecular switch detects metals in the environment

NVIDIA Reinvents Computer Graphics with Turing Architecture

Osu! Keyboard

PaperTTY - Python module to render a TTY on e-ink

PIR With ESP8266 and MQTT

Reaction Tester

Reflow Master

Run Stepper Motor Without a Driver

Shining a light on the operation of lasers

Surprise slow electrons are produced when intense lasers hit clusters of atoms

Transistor technology may improve speed, battery life for computers, mobile phones and other electronics

Weather Station: ESP8266 With Deep Sleep, SQL, Graphing by Flask&Plotly

Word Clock - Customisable And Easy To Build

World record - Low-draft electron bunches drive high plasma wakes

Airbus Zephyr Solar High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite flies for longer than any other aircraft during its successful maiden flight

Army scientists create new technique for modeling turbulence in the atmosphere

Graphene enters the stratosphere

Hydrogen-powered mobility edges closer with next-generation fuel cell systems

In a first, scientists precisely measure how synthetic diamonds grow

Launch Week Begins for Parker Solar Probe

Lightpipe 7-Segment Display

Make a 2 Sided, Desktop Infinity Mirror

Motion Activated Light Switch With Light Sensor

New materials could make batteries charge faster

NIST Shows Laser Ranging Can ‘See’ 3D Objects Melting in Fires

Novel approach to coherent control of a three-level quantum system

Octopod: Smart IoT Home Automation Project

Quantum chains in graphene nanoribbons

Scientists of Samara University Reduced the Weight of Optics for Satellite Observation of the Earth by 100 Times

Study: Hole in ionosphere is caused by sudden stratospheric warming

Suppressing sound in extreme places

Tying electrons down with nanoribbons

UNH Researchers Find Seed Coats Could Lead to Strong, Tough, Yet Flexible Materials

Variable Lab Bench Power Supply!

3D Printer Monitoring with Alexa and Arduino

Crystal LED (Neopixel) DIY

DIY Home Computer

Introducing Snapdragon 670 for superior performance, camera capabilities, and AI tech

Introducing the latest in textiles: Soft hardware

IoT Split-flap Weather Forecast Powered by XOD

Python/MicroPython IoT Framework Example - Auto Irrigation

World’s Densest, Totally Silent Solid State Drive

Z1: Wifi-Controlled Robot Arm

An AI system for editing music in videos

Arduino Film Camera Shutter Checker

Arduino Neural Network Robot

Arduino Self Balancing Robot


BasketBot - a Robot Car Made With a Plastic Basket

CAN Protocol - Yes, We Can!

Complexity test offers new perspective on small quantum computers

DIY Wave Tank/flume Using Arduino and V-slot

Duke to Lead $15 Million Program to Create First Practical Quantum Computer

Easy Start into the World of IoT with MQTT

Electrons in iron-based superconductors can pair up in two different ways

ESP-light System

How a Computer Learns To Dribble: Practice, Practice, Practice

How to Defuse a Time Bomb Game

IoT Desktop Clock and Thermometer

Linear Servo Joint Module *Tiny_CNC_Collection

Look, up in the… ceiling!

Motor Winding Machine

New class of materials could be used to make batteries that charge faster

New Technique Uses Templates to Guide Self-Folding 3-D Structures

Polarimeter With RaspberryPi

Print-On-Demand with RasPi

PTPM Energy Scavenger

Samsung Electronics Starts Mass Production of Industry’s First 4-bit Consumer SSD

Soft multifunctional robots get really small

Teaching Old Tech New Tricks

UCLA engineers develop artificial intelligence device that identifies objects at the speed of light

3D printing the next generation of batteries

A Better Way to 3D Print Metallic Glass

A soft, on-the-fly solution to a hard, underwater problem

Build Your Own Rover

Building a Hexapod Robot: SONAR Measurement with FPGA

Chiiiiiirp! Indoor Air Quality Measurement and Alarm

Inventing future fabrics

LHC accelerates its first “atoms”

Marble Clock

Mbed OS 5.9.4 released

Microscale Superlubricity Could Pave Way for Future Improved Electromechanical Devices


newelectronics 24 Julho 2018

On-chip optical filter processes wide range of light wavelengths

Optical fibers that can “feel” the materials around them

Reprogrammable Braille

‘Strange metals’ just got stranger

UNSW Canberra research sheds new light on silicon nanoparticles