Using facial recognition to unlock a deadbolt through Netduino WiFi.

iPhone X Face ID hits people with surprise, people starting to realize through AI deep learning their face is much more unique and accurate than their fingerprint.

We’ve built a platform that shows how the AI works on Intel Movidius NCS and Tensorflow Inception Facenet, using all the default camera that came with the development kit. This project can be extended to using facial recognition to unlock deadbolts, record entries, turn on different light themes, and many others.

For the first part of the guide, we used Android to open the lock via WiFi. If you have already completed the Netduino WiFi Lock, you can skip straight to Step 5.

TensorFlow Facenet
We are using Facenet based on along with Movidius’ SDK

Facenet is not a classifier that is trained to classify a face as belonging to a particular individual that it was trained on. Instead it is trained to find and quantify landmarks on faces in general. By comparing the face landmark quantification values (network inference output) on two images, it is possible to determine how likely the two faces are of the same person. This allows us to create a simple and easy way to do facial recognition over a single image. Movidius will be used to inferenace the AI in real time.

Step 1: Gather Materials
We will need following items:

Netduino 3 WiFi
Seeed Grove Base Shield
Seeed Relay
ubuntu with Camera
A box for enclosure”


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