Bring river monitoring to a new level! Monitor the pH, water level, and pollution by insoluble substances of a river from anywhere.

A river or lake can be a great source of fun and relaxation. But if the river becomes dirty and contaminated, all the fun is gone. Many people depend on river water to feed their livestock and cannot afford to give their animals dirty water.

Imagine living right next to a river (if you are not), you would not want to wake up in the middle of the night with your house flooded because of the river. Or what if your neighbour decides to dump some petrol in the river, you would not want your animals getting sick.

MyRiver solves all of those problems, it can operate in isolated areas thanks to Sigfox so that everyone has access to the device. The device will read the pH of the water, its pollution level using an innovative method, and its water level. You will be able to monitor the river live on your phone or computer anywhere thanks to Wia. This way you can know if there is a problem with the stream and allows you to act before it is too late. It will notify you if there is a problem with the river immediately.”


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