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Automated Hydroponic System

An automated hydroponic system for growing strawberries using Grafana and InfluxDB.

I’ve been interested in hydroponics for a while, so I built this as my thesis project. Building it was a fun and challenging process and, to my surprise, in the end I actually got to eat my very own indoor-grown strawberries!

What can the system do?
The system monitors pH, TDS, temperature, humidity and water level. It also includes an air pump for oxygenating the plant roots and a PID controlled peristaltic pump for automatic pH adjustment (which pumps a pH reduction solution).

The Arduino Nano reads the sensor data and controls the air pump and the peristaltic pump, while the Raspberry Pi sends the data to InfluxDB and performs image recognition. I used a pre-trained model for detecting strawberry fruits and I trained a new model on Kaggle for detecting diseased leaves using this dataset.”

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