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Raspberry PI Time Lapse (bean Growing)

A little project whilst in Corona virus lockdown to keep the kids occupied. The push button is something i have used for a while and the information on how it works can be found in my

Raspberry_Pi_Input_Output_Trocopter instructable.

For this project i have added a light sensor so the picture is only taken in day light hours. There are a few ways i could have done this part of the project, for example i could have made up an op amp circuit, with the op amp in a comparator mode and a variable resistor to set the light level. But i don’t have a lot of electronic components, so it was a lot easier to go down the Arduino nano route.

Raspberry pi
Raspberry pi camera
substantial stand and a means of clamping it into place.
Input/Output device.
light sensor and arduino nano.
PSU. 5 Volt for raspberry pi.”

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