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Schwurbler - A DIY Lightroom Midi Controller

The community of the HappyShooting Podcast shares an opensource hardware midi controller for Adobe Lightroom. From and for photographers.

The german #1 photo-podcast Happy Shooting made by Boris Nienke and Chris Marquardt had a discussion about Midi controller for Lightroom.

One comment on the website, why not building it yourself and voila the project was born. The name Schwurbler is the german colloquial for a Conspiracy theorists.

This project contains everything from zero to hero and to create your very own customized Midi Controller for Lightroom Classic.

It is completely community driven, so everyone is allowed to contribute and it’s not intended to earn any money with it. Just from the community for the community and from photographers for photographers. So we have decided to license the project as CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The project is intended, to be as open as possible. It consists of the Arduino code, Schematics, PCB-Designs, 3D-Case, configurations for Midi2LR, documentation of the code and guides for assembly and setup in multiple languages, as well as a supporting Wiki.

The MVP Version was (pre-)released in mid August 2020, with a 14 buttons and 9 potentiometers setup.

Multiple versions are in development, e.g. a version with a ESP32 based MCU to support midi over wifi and bluetooth as a battery powered device; or a rotary encoder version of the MVP Version. To support more different controller we try to get the hardware controlling functions more abstract with those versions.”

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