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Send Data From Meadow to an ASP. NET Server via Wifi

Learn how easy is to connect Meadow to a WiFi network and send data to a ASP. NET server using an HttpClient and (de)serialize with Json.

In this project we’re going to learn how to connect Meadow to a WiFi network and log the room temperature with an LM35 analog temperature sensor sending the data periodically to an ASP.NET server running on a PC.

Everything you need to build this project is included in the Wilderness Labs Meadow F7 w/Hack Kit Pro. We’ll see how easy is to program these peripherals using Meadow.Foundation.

Meadow.Foundationa platform for quickly and easily building connected things using.NET on Meadow. Created by Wilderness Labs, it’s completely open source and maintained by the Wilderness Labs community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this project we’re gonna need the latest version (b4.0) of Meadow.OS running on our boards Learn how to upgrade your Meadow to the latest version using this guide.”

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