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The T-COMPUTER is a micro computer platform supported and powered by the MCUME project.

It is based on the powerful Teensy4.1 MCU (800+ MHz ARM based, 1MB internal + 8MB QSPI RAM)
It features:
- a 42 keys basic keyboard (including D-PAD controls + 3 buttons)
- a built-in 320x240 TFT display
- VGA output
- 16 bits stereo DAC output
- USB host input (for keyboard, mouse, midi devices…)
- a DB9 digital joystick input (Atari 2600 style joystick)
- 2 general purpose buttons
- 8+6 shared I/O pins for GP usage
- a SD card slot (from the Teensy 4.1)
it can be powered over micro USB or can be used as a takeaway system powered by a 1000mA/H lipo.
the T-COMPUTER is a DIY project, you can build it yourself and contribute to it!”

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