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Self-sustaining Plant Wall

Many busy professionals want to have plants in their home, but don’t have the time to maintain them. This self-watering planter maintains the plant by itself, requiring only a tank refill every other week. It waters the plants when the soil is dry, turns on the lights when the room is dark but the owner is awake and away, and signals when it runs low on water.

- Wood finish Hinge (2 pack)
- Latch (1x)
- Screws (1 ½ and 1 ¾ inch)
- 1x6 wood (3x, cut into 24 inch lengths)
- 1x3 wood (1x, cut into 24 inch lengths)
- Plywood (1x, 24”x24”)
- Freezer ice cube tub
- Planters & Plants:
- Foamcore
- Plastic
- Tape
- Soil
Pothos plants (variety)

- 1 Arduino Uno
- 1 breadboard (permanent is an option)
- 2x LED Grow Light Strips (2/6 that come with that product)
- 2x peristaltic liquid pump with silicone tubing
- longer tubing
- From Elegoo 37 Sensor Kit V2:
- 1 Arduino water-level sensor
- 1 Arduino photo-resistor
- 1 I2C real-time clock (code assumes DS3231)
- 1 5V relay
- An additional 5V relay
- 2 I2C soil-moisture sensors (Code assumes “Chirp!” brand.)
- 1 controllable 4-outlet power relay
- PC Power Connector, 6ft
- Arduino power supply
- Stacking Headers
- Jumper Wires
- Servo Extension Cables may be helpful
- 1A Diodes
- Wire (of sufficient gauge for your pump amperage draw)

Tools: 3D printer; Soldering kit; Sander; Drill; Bandsaw; Hot glue gun; wire cutter”

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