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A very basic yet very cool smart mirror which is easy to build and enhance.

Why I built it?
I have been watching smart mirrors over the web for last many years and had it in pipeline of my To Do. I researched many as how people are building it and what type of contents to be displayed. I played with many versions which were good but they were unable to impress me. So, I decided to build my own interface and design and add different flavors to it.

Features of my smart mirror
Currently my mirror has below features:

Weather updates
Breaking news
Amazon Alexa
Youtube video casting
Mobile mirroring
What next?
My next plan is to add below:

Home automation
OpenCV implementation to let me know who is at the door (triggers through voice command)
How to Build?
In order to build this mirror, you need to collect all material mentioned in Components section and follow below guidelines:

Setup Raspberry Pi
Setup Apache server
Upload interface files
Configure Alexa
Configure Youtube casting
Lets go one by one throuh each step”

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