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Another approach on Automated Perpetual Calendar themeI think there is no object more present in our lives than clocks and calendars. The passage of time has always been a major thing in people’s lives. I’m no different either, I think this can be seen from the number of my watch projects. Now I would like to show you one of my calendar projects.
There are thousands of calendar projects but I have liked perpetual calendars, the idea of reusing a calendar has always seemed special to me, this way I don’t have to change my office calendar every year, do I? The downside is that many of these types of calendars are large, cluttered tables that are hard to read and interpret. Or there are some cubes with the numbers of the days of the week and cubes that have the months of the year written on them, so these unfortunately must be updated every day. There are also sets of different (wooden, metallic. magnetic) pieces with the numbers from 1 to 31, which are matched, chosen, every month and placed on a panel.
I stopped at the variant in which there are two sets of numbers of the months and with a square slider you can choose the conformation of the days of the current month.
Although at first glance it seems inappropriate to enter this project in the CNC contest, you should know that most of the realization of the calendar was the design and milling of acrylic components. Otherwise, the electronic part is very, very simple and so is the software
In the next steps I will explain in detail what it is all about.”

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