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Throughout history, people have invented and used many numeral systems, some well-known: the Sumerian, Roman, Indo-Arabic system (which by the way is used by almost all mankind). But there were also times when other systems were used. In this project I stopped at one of them, the one used by Cistercian monks and, of course, called the Cistercian numeral system .
At the same time with this system, the Indo-Arabic system began to be used, which we finally know was imposed in use.
But who knows? Maybe in a parallel universe it was kept together with the Indo-Arabic system also the Cistercian one and maybe is used in digital watches! :) What would such a watch look like? This is what I want to show you in the next steps :)
The Cistercian Numerals on Wikipedia;
David A. King’s book - The Ciphers of the Monks: A Forgotten Number-notation of the Middle Ages;
A Cistercian to Indo-Arabic and Indo-Arabic to Cistercian Converter.”

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