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As you can see from the photo above in this project, I would like to show you the construction of an office clock. Normally, such a project requires the purchase of a WS2812 LED ring, right? Projects that use LED strips in different watch constructions designs, in most cases, project the LED’s light laterally on the wall. But I wanted to make an office clock, the LED light had to be projected in the front. With the 60 LED/m LED strip at hand, I thought I’d try to use it for this purpose. The idea was that the body, in which the string of LEDs are mounted, should reflect the light as best as it can. I 3D printed the body with a white material and this was enough for the LEDs light to be seen in the front.

So basically my project is about how you can replace a LED ring with a LED strip (also in different other projects I think, not only watches).

What would be the advantages…
- The price: a 60 LED ring is twice as expensive as an 1m, 60 LED/m led strip,

Rings - on Aliexpress, on Adafruit;
Strips - on Aliexpress, on Adafruit;
- The 60-LED ring comes from a certain size, with strips different diameters can be made, there are strips with 30 led/m, 74 led/m, 96 led/m, 100 led/m, 120 led/m, 144 led/m ) so there is a wide variety of possibilities

- If one or more LEDs are defective or are become damaged over time in rings, replacing them is particularly difficult, comparatively in the case of the strips where it is very easy instead

- And last but not least, LED strips are more widespread, so they are easier to find than rings.

Let’s see the construction!”

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