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I have seen many projects of Infinity Mirrors and Infinity Clocks on Instructables, so I decided to make mine. It may no be very different from the other ones… but I did it myself, so it is !

In case you don’t know it already:
What is an infinity clock?An infinity clock uses multiple reflections between a mirror and a semi-reflective mirror to give the illusion of great depth while it is only one centimeter deep!
The time is indicated by LEDs that reflect many times between these interfaces and give this impression of depth.

Multiple reflexions give the impression of depth
The LEDs are addressable and multicoloured, so it is easy to use them to make light animations.
I wanted to make it interactive and changing, so I added a Smartphone control using Bluetooth communication. There is a real two ways communication between the clock and the smartphone. The user can use the HMI (Human Machine Interface) to change the various parameters, such as animations, colours. But she can also send direct commands for example to change the time, and the clock answers to say that the command is accepted or not.
The HMI was done using a programmable Android app, so I just had to design it and code the communication on the Arduino side.
Let’s start now…”

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