Once in a party, me and the wife saw an infinity mirror, and she was fascinated by the look and kept saying I want one! A good husband always listens and remembers, so I decided to build one for her as a valentines day’s gift.

I wouldn’t want to make another regular infinity mirror. So the idea is to have a heart shape, so I picked some 3/16 thick acrylic laying around for laser cutting . It would be better to use glass but I have no idea how to cut them.

As for the electronics, I planned to build it with RGB LEDs for fancier effects, Neopixels come into mind, but also you can use WS2812 strips. To control the LEDs, I picked Arduino Nano for the smaller footprint. I also found a power supply and a power plug laying around.

Another essential is the one-way mirror film, to make the front and back pieces reflective.

Some copper tape is also used for cosmetics.”


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