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How to make a self balancing robot with arduino

self-balancing robot is very popular nowadays and easy to make. in this blog post, you will learn how to make a self balancing robot with Arduino. you should have some knowledge of embedded c and hardware. you can find circuit as well as code for self-balancing robot in this post read carefully and follow the step to make self balancing robot. this self balancing robot have future we can use this concept in our two-wheelers . and this can use in the mini projects for ece or best electronic projects for final year

The concept of this project is very simple we use Accelerometer mount over the robot which gives the 3-axis value. accelerometer connected to the Arduino. arduino collect data from the accelerometer and compare the value with the given condition. there are two conditions.

1.if robot tilt in forwarding direction accelerometer gives some value to the Arduino and Arduino give the instruction to the motor to move backwards

2. if robot tilt in backward direction accelerometer gives some another value to the Arduino. arduino, give instruction to move in forwarding direction.”

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