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Making a smart car kit smaller.

I started a project that was worth moving from a breadboard and onto a protoshield; an IR remote controlled car using an L293D H-bridge motor driver.

The story I have written below is actually the script in the video below. The video also shows three other protoshield project ideas. Additionally, the video also shows the pinouts for the IR receiver I used in the final version. Please consider watching the video first. I think it might be a better experience. I put a lot of work into the production of this video. I hope it is useful.

1- Arduino Uno.
1- Protoshield of your choice.
32-Male header pins.
1- 7805 5V Voltage Regulator.
1- Heatsink for the regulator.
1- L293D Dual H-bridge motor driver.
2- 50V 10 micro farad electrolytic capacitors.
1- IR receiver.
1- Remote.
1- 9V battery and battery clip.
2- 4pin female headers.
Solid core hookup wires.
2- 3-6V Geared DC motors.
The nuts, bolts and wires that go with it all.
2- wheels and a 3d printed chassis.”

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