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Prepared a custom HIGH POWER LED Driver board for driving four XPLAW LEDs.

It consists of Four XPLAWT LEDs that are High-Intensity LEDs each rated for 3A Max and their operating Voltage is 2.8V to 3.2V.

Why LED Drivers are used?

An LED could be easily powered through any DC source but what if you want a regulated source that can control the current going to LED, in such case an LED Driver is required.

Also, directly powering an LED through any power source might kill the LED as LEDs have a tendency to take as much current as they can have and this usually fries the LED from the inside. LED Driver limits the current taken by LED and regulates the whole system in a linear way, Current is also controlled when the temperature gets too hot.

Here’s another reason, LED Driver can be connected to an external microcontroller setup and we can control them easily by providing them PWM Signal for dimming or ON-OFF control.

Material Required
following are the materials used in this built-

- SIC9301A
- Custom PCB
- 1R0 Resistor 1206 Package
- R470 Resistor 1206 Package
- SS34 Diode SMA Package
- 100uF 25V Capacitor
- 1uH Inductor
- 12V battery for power”

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