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Sensing the Water Tank with Machine Learning & Matter

The Story Begins With..
It’s been a year since I was not active with the community. Just came back from the break with this new and one of my dream project. I think I should call this as products. let’s get into more details and story of this idea.

Noticed this contest from hackster io and decided to contribute my idea. Submitted idea of something but today I have done something else. The project is different but the technology I use the same. MATTER is the matter for everyone who talks about IoT products. I decided to make a product which works in MATTER with ML.

What is Float Bot?
“Float Bot” is the hero of this project who does the sensing and sends me the updates about my home overhead tank.

The project idea is to sense the Water level, Cleanliness, Temperature and Motor Status etc. The communication happens over Matter ( networks. The Nordic-Thingy-53 comes with enough sensors to make a decent prototype. The Edge Impulse I have just used a bit to showcase the sensing of Motor running status, Motor dry run detection, Water low level and Tank Lid open etc.

Existing System vs Float Bot
In today’s world there are a lot of manufactures makes the water level indicators with motor control. The drawback with existing systems are

1. Wired connection makes the system very expensive, difficult with multiple water tanks.
2. Physical Sensors are in contact with water always and require maintenance or replacement.
3. Existing system cannot sense anything other than the level.

Like this there are many.. But How the Float bot overcomes all these with new technology.

1. It’s Wireless - No need for hanging wires on your building.
2. It’s Reliable - Some people say, wireless is not best but we are focusing on 2025 we have a better eco system for Home IoT.
3. Its Floating, Sensing with Internal Battery, can be charged from solar panel (Tank Lid)
4. Easy Installation - It’s compact in size and wireless, just like a boat we need to throw it in your tank.”

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