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This project will show you three different ways to control a robot with an ARDUINO UNO board.

The robot has been built with pieces and motors of a VEX robotics construction set with a shield and an ARDUINO UNO microcontroller board, sensors and leds.

It can be controlled using:

MIT App Inventor app with a bluetooth connection
An IR remote controller
A laser pointer
The goal of this project is to show different programming templates for ARDUINO, you will be able to use to control your own devices.

- VEX robotics construction set
- ARDUINO UNO shield
- IR remote controller
- Laser pointer
- Mini breadboard
- L293D chip
- AT09 Bluetooth Low Energy module
- IR receiver sensor
- Laser receiver sensor
- Buzzer
- Leds
- Two 9V rechargeable batteries
- Wires”

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