WiFibonacci Clock

I have been inspired by the awesome Fibonacci Clock (designed by Philippe Chrtien) and I decided to make it wireless using Wifi, hence the name of WiFibonacci Clock =D
The main enhancement is the replacement of the Atmega328 with an ESP8266 providing WiFi capability. This is game-changing as we can now virtualise part of the physical UI having the ESP acting as a Websocket server. Furthermore, the dematerialisation of the UI allows more tuning options.
The list of existing modes that Philippe included in his design are:
Current Time Rainbow Cycle Rainbow Error Code DisplayI chose to remove the Error Code Display mode and add the following list of new modes:
Random Pulse Constant LightFor each mode, several settings can be tweaked.
There are only two momentary buttons in my design:
Mode button Brightness buttonThe brightness is also an enhancement. The time adjustment can be done via the virtual UI.
In this Instructable I won’t explain how to make the enclosure as it is covered in Philippe’s instructable, I will only explain how to make it Wireless / Wifi connected.”


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